Photo: Pēteris Vīksna

Photo: Pēteris Vīksna

Almost Sonnet


Group show Hard Drive of Lost Expressions, Pilot gallery, Riga, Latvia

Mixed media installation (2 videos 1920x1080px, carpet, thread, plastic, gypsum, color, clay) in collaboration with Linda Vilka

In a world full of abstractions and questions, almost everyone strives after a meaningful life. But sometimes the inner drive - which makes us eager to avoid mischief and strive for happiness, success and abundance - gets tired. Then it’s time to seek advice and help elsewhere. For example, one can study about philosophers and Eastern teachings or turn to the intelligent and the wise, but one can also open social media and gather the inspirational phrases there. 

By remelting the grains of thought and found insights together in a new form, the authors learn how to be better, happier, more successful people. The information gained is summarised in an easy-to-take, specially prepared dosage of inspiration that will ease the internal wanderings and bring you closer to sensible life transformation.


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