Reunion at Family Lands


Group exhibition Objects of Dystopia at RIVA Studios, London, UK

Mixed media installation

Recycled acrylic sheet, PLA recycled plastic, paper, 30 x 30 x 14 cm

Tomorrow grows out of today.
Not so long ago, plastic was considered a material for the stuff that dreams are made of. Nowadays, it has infiltrated everywhere—in, on, and around us. I can only speculate what kind of dreamy futures are out there for all of us. I find strange calmness in the fact that there are organisms who would be able to survive in the new types of ecosys- tems. One of these organisms are microscopic (and sometimes para- sitic) worms named nematodes. By bonding together with other non-humans, they would make sure that mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and lakes can breathe and grow and that new structures can be built from the ashes and through the fractures.


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